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The development of National Health Sector is focused on improvement of optimal public health, nutrition, hygienic and healthy lifestyle, as well as improvement on quality and access of health care to all. This same focus on dental health area meaning that dental and oral health efforts are implemented to increase public independency to help themselves in caring for their dental health. These are implemented through promotive and preventive measures at the earliest age.

Until now, the biggest incidence of dental and oral disease is dental caries, followed by periodontal disease. A survey on children in 1993 indicates that 70 percent of them has dental caries dan ginggivitis. To decrease these number, not only curative measures are needed, but also, more importantly, promotive and preventive measures, particularly for children.

Through these promotive and preventive care for children, habits of dental hygiene, protection from dental caries through fluor application (Koch and Lindle), early detection of dental and oral disease, and other specific protections are established.

At the beginning, it was Drg. Rizali Noor, Kepala Direktorat Kesehatan Gigi Departemen Kesehatan, who asked Sr. Drg. Be Kien Nio to prove that a clinic that focuses on prevention could actually improve public dental health and beneficial for the administrator. This is quiet a challenge since during that time, most of dental health efforts, particularly in clinical or private settings, were focus on curative, instead of preventive measures.

Positive supports for those ideas were given by conggregation leadership, church, and collegiates. Those were Sr. Dionysia Michels, the leader of Indonesian Ursuline, the late Mgr. Arntz OSC, Bishop of Bandung Archdiocese, Prof. Drg. R.G. Soemantri, and Sr. Rosemary Huber MM. They agreed to establish a foundation with a mission to improve public health through prevention and education, in School Dental Health dan Dental Health Education programs.

The Indonesian Dental Health Foundation started its career in 1972 with School Dental Health Program in one Primary School and one Kindergarten. In a few years, it expanded rapidly to include more schools.

March 22, 1973, a dental clinic of this foundation was established in Bandung, at Jalan Anggrek 60. This clinic was on ground floor of Providentia Boarding for Girls, which was part of Ursulines compound. Sister Dionysia, the Indonesian Ursuline leader at that time, was very supportive since there was an education element of this effort, which was inline with educational mission of the conggregation.

March 18, 2008, the Indonesian Dental Health Foundation was given a new name: The Indonesian Children Dental Health Foundation (Yayasan Kesehatan Gigi Anak Indonesia, YKGAI). In 2012, YKGAI serves 26 Kindergartens, 15 Primary Schools (public and private) with the total number of 10.240 children. This number, of course, seems too small for Indonesian population, however, it is not the quantity that foundation focuses on. The objective is to use education and prevention systematically to enable people to prevent dental and oral disease by themselves.



I.     School Dental Health Program (Usaha Kesehatan Gigi Sekolah, UKGS)

This program focuses on education and prevention. After six-years of School Dental Health Program, the foundation could proudly presented children who left Primary School with an optimal dental health: complete permanent teeth, caries-active free, all caries filled, and remains of dental root extracted.


Objectives of School Dental Health Program:


A.  To improve the level of dental health in school children through promotive and preventive efforts.
B.   To foster an awareness and conviction that to improve the level of dental health is through the maintenance of oral hygiene.
C.   To establish oral hygiene habits at home.
D.   d. To improve the level of dental health of school children with curative selective approach when prevention fails.


Implementation of School Dental Health Program:
A meeting with parents, teachers, and dental health officer which describes:


1.   Initial examination of dental and oral condition, DMF-Index count and OHI-S count.
2.   Dental education in classes which integrated into school curicula and continual implementation of preventive and curative programs in school clinic.
3.   Evaluation and research.

II.     Public Dental Clinic (Balai Pengobatan Gigi, BPG)

2 years after the School Dental Health Program initiated, the local community desired and proposed a dental clinic opened for public services. The foundation responded with a preparation dan licensing for a public dental clinic. So in 1975, a public dental clinic was opened at Jalan Cikaso Barat II, No. 55 to render services for community.

1987, Sr. Frances, Directress of Providentia Boarding for Girls, permitted a vacate room of her boarding to be used as a public dental clinic. Until now, the public dental clinic of the Foundation located in Jalan Anggrek 60, Bandung.

In 1979, in cooperation with Wyata Guna Foundation for the Blinds, the Foundation established a dental clinic for the blinds and their families which located at Wyata Guna Compounds, Jalan Pajajaran 52, Bandung. The clinic opened every Monday, from 8 s/d 11 am.

III.     Dental Health Education Unit

In 1978, the Foundation took initiatives to develop its works with the opening of dental health education unit, which expanded the teaching methods and materials of dental health education, and its distribution to be used by other organizations. This unit also produce and distribute books and audiovisual aids for dental health teaching. Among others, its publication were Buku Pendidikan Kesehatan Gigi untuk Taman Kanak-Kanak, Buku Pendidikan Kesehatan Gigi untuk Sekolah Dasar, Preventive Dentistry for dental nurse students and dental school students, and dental brochures. Audiovisual aids that were produced included Flipcharts, Flashcards, posters, models, slides, puzzles, stickers, dental songs cassette, videos, and the latest are digital teaching aids. These teaching materials had been distributed to 31 provinces of Indonesia. In 2012,Pendidikan Kesehatan Gigi books has been distributed.

Some researchs of effectiveness and efficiency of the Foundations School Dental Health Program had been conducted by this unit.

Other services are consultation for schools who interested to establish a School Dental Clinic, training of School Dental Health Program personels, education of prevention for dental paramedics.



The objective and intention of the Foundation is mainly charitative. To do this, the Foundation organizes dental and oral health care in general and particularly dental and oral health education for children.



President                  : Mateus Bambang M, drs.
Vice President          : Ira Trisnawati Wijaya,drg.
Secretary                  : Dwiyatno Tjandraatmadja, drg.
Bursar umum           : Karlina Hardjawinata, drg, MDSc.


Director of Dental Clinic and School Dental Health Program   : Maria Aurora Titiana, drg. SpKGA.
Head of Dental Health Education Unit              : Stella Listyani, drg.


Yayasan Kesehatan Gigi Anak Indonesia
Jl. Bengawan no. 43 Bandung   40114
Telp. (022) 7234579 - (022) 7109836
Web :
E-mail :

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